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What is your vehicle inspection process?

Our vehicles must meet minimum standards for safety and mechanical quality. Each vehicle must pass a rigorous inspection process at our drop point designed to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

What is your 3-Day Exchange Guarantee?

We allow buyers to exchange the vehicle they purchased for a comparable vehicle for any reason within 3 days of your purchase. The vehicle must be returned in the condition it was purchased and within certain mileage restrictions.

What is your Repair Assistance Program?

Instead of paying for an upfront warranty you may not use, we offer post-sale peace of mind with financial assistance for most major mechanical failures up to 80% of the repair expense.

Dealers often pitch warranties as a way to "protect your investment" - even though a car is hardly ever an investment because it steadily loses value. And most warranties will not cover many items that may fail on your vehicle. Even though we inspect each vehicle, we understand used vehicles will need repairs from time to time. At Superior Auto, we practice transparency by encouraging each customer to have a mechanic of their choice inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing.

In the event you incur a major mechanical issue after your purchase, we will assist you by helping you finance up to 80% of the repair cost. You must pay the first 20% of the repair directly to the vendor. Your regular payment will be adjusted slightly to cover the cost of the repair by your payoff date.

So, there is no reason to pay us an additional fee for a warranty you may not use during the mileage or time period limitations. Our Repair Assistance Program has no mileage or time period limits. We make individual decisions based on the customer situation.

Superior Auto does reserve the right to decline Repair Assistance Program approval based on the status of your account and the general condition you have maintained your vehicle.

How do I apply for financing through Superior Auto?

You can apply online, by phone, or at a dealership. We offer payment plans based on your pay period and the process is easy. Let's start the approval process now and bring the following items when you're ready to purchase:

  1. Valid driver's license
  2. Most recent paystub
  3. Two proofs of residence - recent utility bill, etc.
  4. Clean trade title, if you are trading in your vehicle (must be registered in your name and free of any liens)
  5. You can upload paystubs and insurance documents by either emailing a pdf or an image document to mydocs@superior-auto.com or faxing it to (260) 818-2169
  6. Please note that it will only accept an adobe pdf file or an image, you cannot send a paystub from a website but you CAN send a picture of that paystub.